The Showroom Theatre now offers Movie Club Patrons a “Loyalty Rewards Program”.

  1. For every 10 Movies attended, patrons will receive a complimentary movie ticket to one of our “Film Club'” movies (includes free glass of wine).

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Patrons will be issued a “Loyatly” card which will be stamped/punched at each attendance. A new card will be re-issued once the card is full.
  2. Complimentary tickets issued to patrons, do not qualify as an attendance for the “Loyalty Rewards Program”.
  3. Each customer should have his/her own card and can only have one punch/stamp per show.
  4. Families are entitled to have a card for each family member.
  5. Free movies and discounted shows still need to be booked at the theatre, prior to the performance. (Discounts cannot be done on-line).
  6. Movie Club or film festival attendances do not qualify the “Loyalty Rewards Program”.