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In support of the Showroom Theatre our Movie Club curated films are streamed weekly. 


The Showroom Theatre’s online Movie Club is celebrating pets that add some joy and laughter to our lives in collaboration with PADS,  the Guardian Angels of our pets.

A STREET CAT NAMED BOB tells the moving and life-affirming true story of the unlikely friendship between a young homeless busker, James Bowen, and the stray ginger cat named Bob.  Bob The Cat, the inspirational feline credited with saving the life of former addict James Bowen, died June 15, 2020, at the age of 14. Bowen, then a recovering addict, first met Bob in 2007 when he found him abandoned. They became a team nourishing each other, selling The Big Issue magazine on London streets. Tickets R35. Book Here

Adapted from the Jack London’s beloved literary classic, the heart-warming adventure THE CALL OF THE WILD vividly brings to the screen the story of Buck, a big-hearted dog whose blissful domestic life is turned upside down when he is suddenly uprooted from his California home and transplanted to the exotic wilds of the Alaskan Yukon during the Gold Rush of the 1890s. As the newest rookie on a mail delivery dog sled team–and later its leader–Buck experiences the adventure of a lifetime, ultimately finding his true place in the world and becoming his own master. With Harrison Ford. Tickets R35. Book Here

With hundreds of cases solved and adventures shared, Scooby and the gang face their biggest, most challenging mystery ever in SCOOB! A plot to unleash the ghost dog Cerberus upon the world. As they race to stop this global dog-pocalypse, the gang discovers that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny greater than anyone could have imagined. Tickets R35. Book Here


Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson deliver powerful performances in MARRIAGE STORY as  a stage director and his actor wife struggle through a gruelling, coast-to-coast divorce that pushes them to their personal and creative extremes. With Laura Dern, who received an Oscar for her performance as the feisty family lawyer. Written, directed, and produced by Noah Baumbach. Tickets R35. BOOK HERE

Steered by a pair of powerful lead performances from John Hawkes and Logan Lerman, the road trip END OF SENTENCE takes audiences on a satisfying emotional journey. After being released from prison, a wayward youth and his estranged, retiring father rebuild their bond as they journey to Ireland to scatter the ashes of their mother and wife. A genuinely caring debut feature from Icelandic director Elfar Adalsteins. Starring and Sarah Bolger. Tickets R35. BOOK HERE

In INVISIBLE MAN Cecilia Kass (Moss), who is trapped in a violent, controlling relationship with a wealthy and brilliant scientist, and escapes in the dead of night and disappears into hiding, but when Cecilia’s abusive ex (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) commits suicide and leaves her a generous portion of his vast fortune, Cecilia suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of eerie coincidences turns lethal, threatening the lives of those she loves, Cecilia’s sanity begins to unravel as she desperately tries to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see. Tickets R35. BOOK HERE


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