Danièle Pascal sparkled at the Showroom Theatre

Music is for me the language of love

Danièle Pascal celebrated her solo-career of 40 years in show business at The Showroom Theatre on 2 December at 8pm.

It was an evening to remember as Daniele took the audience into her private space and shared some intimate moments in her life through the music of Brel, Piaf and Leonard Cohen.

It was a rare privilege to witness a legend at her most vulnerable, taking a journey into some glorious memories that shaped her life and career, filled with tears and joy.

Accompanied by the sensational Lisa Joubert on piano, who has been a friend of Daniele for 30 years, it was a magical unison where the passion of two great artists collided, pouring their shared love for music into every second of this memorable show that will definitely live on in the hearts of the audience.

She is indeed one of the most successful performers with her unique ability to straddle French, English and German music genre with ease, relevance and her whimsical storytelling.

She has inspired many South Africans artists and her authenticity in her shows is both personal and entertaining and has many fans in Prince Albert.

Reviewed by Daniel Dercksen / Picture by Marlene Malan

Daniel Dercksen shared a few thoughts with Danièle Pascal before the performance on Dec 2, 2017

You said that The Showroom definitely a highlight in your illustrious career.. what do you think makes The Showroom so unique?

I am proud and thankful to perform once more at the Showroom Theatre.

It is a magical venue located in a charming village in the Karoo. The décor is innovative and attractive, and the technical is state of the art.

Daniele Pascal and Lisa Joubert during rehearsal on December 2. 2017. Picture by Barry Lamprecht

Tell us about your celebratory show on Dec 2 at The Showroom.. what can your fans expect?

I will be celebrating three decades on stage with highlights of my shows- a collection of romantic songs in French, English, German and Afrikaans, interspersed with stories in English from my touring.

Paris Toujours is collection of songs from all my shows that still inspires me, songs from my youth,  my contemporaries and from my country of birth.

These songs are my signature songs. Songs of Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Frida Boccara, Marlene Dietrich, Jacques Brel and Leonard Cohen.

Leonard was a friend of mine from the sixties. We performed at the same venue in Montreal. I brought his music to South African audiences, and to date is the second  female recording artist to have recorded his works.

The other artist  is Jennifer Warnes.

Songs like hymn a’lamour, le plat pays, marieke, dance me to the end of love, la vie en rose, non, je ne regrette rien, milord, padam and some French cafe gems.

This will be a perfect event to salute a fabulous year

It will be an great evening of great entertainment and my fans will appreciate the passion and melancholy of classical cabaret

You are celebrating 40 years in showbiz, tell me about this?

I launched my career in South Africa in 1985 with Taubie Kushlick, and I have never looked back.

Where did it all start for you, that moment that you realized you were born to perform and be a star?

I started at the age of 5, and I already knew that it will be my life’s ambition to be a performer.

What excites you about being a performer?

My love of performing, and a need to be creative is always omnipresent in my life. The world is moving faster than ever before. Values and beliefs are changing, but I keep myself up to date

You are accompanied on stage by Liza Joubert…

I share the stage with Liza Joubert (liza se klavier fame) on piano, a talented concert pianist who is equally at home in musical theatre and on the cabaret stage.

We have been friends for the past thirty years.

It’s definitely not curtain down on your career, what are you plans for the future?

I have established myself as an entrepreneur, producer, playwright, actress, singer and recording artist.  I have released 7 albums and staged many of theatre productions with great success. I am now in the process of writing my memoirs.

What do you do when you are not on stage or in the spotlight?

It has been my privilege to inspire many South African artists in my career, and now at the autumn of my life, I am sharing my communication and artistic skills with my students teaching French , giving master classes and coaching music to students of all ages. It is all part of my inspirational journey. I have been able to support many charitable projects throughout my career. It has been very rewarding.

If there’s anything else you could have chosen as a career, what would that be?

I would have chosen the same career, the performing arts, which is for me wise, ambiguous, troubling and memorable.

You live for music and music is your life?

Yes, music is my life, no matter which way I look at it, it is my obsession.

Music is for me the language of love

Any thoughts you would like to share?

My journey continues

Daniele Pascal during rehearsal on 2 December, 2017. Pic by Barry Lamprecht.