About Us



The Showroom Theatre in Prince Albert is a collaboration between local Businesswoman Charon Landman and Film Maker Johnny Breedt. Charon Landman has invested in and developed many properties in Prince Albert including the Swartberg Hotel and Seven Arches building. Johnny Breedt is best known for his work as a Production Designer in the film industry, both locally and abroad. He has worked on over sixty feature films including “Mandela-Long Walk To Freedom” Project, for which he was awarded a SAFTA Award for Best Production Design.

Initially Breedt and Landman were planning to build this as a new development in the industrial area, but when the “Celestino’s” building, went on the market, they jumped at the opportunity of possibly turning the better-suited building, into a theatre. The building has been utilized over the years, for a variety of businesses, but at one point, was used as a car dealership with a showroom. The owners decided to pay homage to that fact by naming the theatre “The Showroom”, which also clearly has theatrical connotations.


The aim of The Showroom is to create a multi-cultural venue for the Community of Prince Albert and visitors alike. The venue can be used as a theatre, cinema, gallery, seminar venue, and in the future, a film school. The list of possibilities for this establishment, are endless.

“The Showroom” boasts state-of-the-art theatre and cinema equipment, making it suitable to facilitate and attract some of the countries top performers. The Showroom has already hosted Nianell, Matthys Roets, Anna Davel, Heinz Winckler, Rocco De Villiers, Barry Hilton, Gys De Villiers, and a host of other performers, shows and film festivals. Both Charon and Johnny proud themselves on this “World Class” venue, right here in the Karoo and invite you to join them at one of the fantastic performances.